Building a robust base of successful businesses is a strategic goal for the 24:1 Municipal Partnership—and for local residents, who identified it as one of their top priorities for the next decade as part of the Community Vision Report 2020.

Engaging and supporting start-ups, entrepreneurs, and longtime local businesses of all sizes will result in a stronger tax base, increased employment opportunities for local workers, and more places for residents to shop, dine, and enjoy entertainment near their homes.

24:1 Master Land Use Plan:

This plan, a new version of which is currently under development, will help the communities in the 24:1 footprint make sound decisions regarding future development projects which will benefit the area as a whole. The process is being facilitated by Beyond Housing, a nonprofit community development organization with a holistic model for creating a stronger, more equitable, and prosperous St. Louis.

To develop the new 24:1 Master Land Use Plan, PGAV Planners is analyzing existing community conditions and restraints; utilizing public engagement to guide physical development decisions; and producing a comprehensive plan and practical design for land use.

The plan will highlight areas of growth potential for housing and transportation as well as economic development—including commercial office, industrial, and retail development.