The 6,106 publicly owned trees in the 24:1 Community bring an estimated $440,900 in eco-benefits each year—saving water and energy, reducing greenhouse gases, cutting carbon dioxide, and increasing property values.

The tree canopy is catalogued by a forester at Beyond Housing, a nonprofit community development organization with a holistic model for creating a stronger, more equitable, and prosperous St. Louis. A management plan for the entire area is being developed to help familiarize the public with the benefits of trees and to track maintenance and removal needs across the municipalities within the 24:1 footprint.

Grants from various state and federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, are allowing the 24:1 Community to manage and improve its tree canopy—and contributing to the long-term goal of increasing the community’s vibrancy.

For example, through grants from the Missouri Department of Conservation, 24:1 municipalities are completing tree inventories, trimming branches, removing dead trees, and resolving “tree and sidewalk conflicts” with as little damage to the root systems as possible.

24:1 Community Forestry Program:
The program was made possible by an initial five-year grant totaling $500,000 from the Missouri Department of Conservation to Beyond Housing, the first such collaborative grant ever awarded.