North County Police Cooperative and Normandy Police Departments are based in a community-policing model to engage residents and foster trust between police and residents, especially youth.

The Normandy Police department provides services to five municipalities, and the North County Cooperative Police department provides services to seven. Several police departments voluntarily dissolved to join these two police departments.

The North County Police Cooperative developed due to the collaboration of municipalities Vinita Park, Vinita Terrace, and Wellston; the police department has since been joined by four additional municipalities and now serves approximately 9,000 residents.

Partnerships between the police departments and the community have resulted in:

  • Ring doorbell cameras being distributed to households at no cost.
  • Sports and educational programming with youth and officers, including officer-coached basketball teams.
  • The launch of school resource officers at Normandy Schools Collaborative to promote anti-gang activities and safer streets, through an initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • A local chapter of Boys & Girls Club.
  • Humanity in the Middle, which builds relationships between police officers and Normandy Schools Collaborative students. The program has included college tours and educational trips to Washington, D.C., and Atlanta.
  • Citizen Academy, a Police Explorers program for youth, hosted by North County Police Cooperative.

These relationships with community members and youth are vital in crime reduction and prevention and have transformed community-police interactions.

In 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice awarded our community a $635,000 grant for crime prevention. A partnership including the City of Wellston, University of Missouri-St. Louis and Beyond Housing will use a community-based crime prevention model to target crime in identified hot spots. The initiative will use a place-based strategy that is community-oriented, data- and evidence-driven, and designed to build partnerships and promote long-term collaboration.

During town hall meetings where contracting with police departments was on the agenda, residents have spoken to the importance of accessibility and relationships in their policing services. They have expressed concern with deteriorated police services and loss of such relationships, accountability, and trust when contracting with larger entities such as St. Louis County Police Department.

All police departments in the 24:1 footprint are CALEA accredited or are working towards their accreditation.