MetroBus Fare Collection Resumes Monday, June 1
Metro Transit will resume front-door boarding and fare collection on MetroBus vehicles beginning on Monday, June 1. To reduce the person-to-person contact between bus operators and passengers, Metro has been waiving the collection of cash fares on MetroBus since March 21, and riders have been boarding buses via the rear doors.

Metro has also made other adjustments to transit operations and services to better protect operators and passengers, and to minimize potential exposure to the coronavirus. With these measures now in place, Metro anticipates being able to resume fare collection, while continuing to address the health and safety of operators and passengers.



To minimize personal interactions and exposure to COVID-19, Metro is temporarily waiving enforcement of cash fares on MetroBus and Metro Call-A-Ride. Customers using all other fare types can also refrain from using the farebox. 

MetroBus – Metro has temporarily waived cash fares on MetroBus. MetroBus passengers do not need to purchase their fare at the farebox, and do not need to present their ticket or pass to the operator. All passengers are asked to use the rear doors to board and exit their bus.

MetroLink – Valid fare is still required for MetroLink. All passengers must have a valid ticket or pass while riding MetroLink.

Metro Call-A-Ride – Metro has temporarily waived cash fares on Metro Call-A-Ride.

All MetroBus customers will be required to board and exit buses using the rear doors, except in cases where customers require an accessible entrance at the front of the bus.

In addition, to ensure safe social distancing between Metro Transit operators and riders, new orange lines are being installed on MetroLink train floors near the operator cab and yellow lines on the floor of MetroBus vehicles near the operator cab. Riders will not be allowed to stand within those zones.