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Even during the uncertainty of a pandemic, we can be resilient, adaptive, and creative.

That’s the message from a group of four local artists who are planning a new mural on the side of the 24:1 Cinema in Pagedale.

The four artists—Con Christeson, Lois Ingrum, Mike Pagano, and Byron Rogers—have been talking to many 24:1 residents, from school children to seniors and everyone in between—to gather ideas on these questions:

  • How can a mural connect communities?
  • How can we think/make/write with and for each other?
  • Even if we must stay apart for now, how can we imagine together?
  • What does connection and unity look like to you?
  • How do you maintain a spirit of hope and persistence?
  • What does forward movement look like to you?

The mural will be created in early 2021 as a tangible artifact of this time and place, to nurture and support a safe, healthy, and thriving 24:1 Community.