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A video Q&A about vaccine distribution and development


Pre-register for the vaccine:

Statewide pre-registration hotline

St. Louis area pre-registration hotline

St. Louis County Department of Health Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Mercy BJC HealthCare (including Christian Hospital) SSM Health St. Luke’s

Local healthcare providers and St. Louis County have set up online notification systems for the COVID-19 vaccine. Pre-registering will help you find out faster when you are eligible to set up an appointment for your vaccine.

All of the pre-registration lists work the same way: You submit your name and some basic health and employment details, and they will contact you when your turn comes to receive the first dose.

The state of Missouri is in charge of deciding which groups are eligible for each phase of distribution. Their timeline depends on how much vaccine our state receives as well as how quickly the doses can be given out.

The COVID-19 vaccine is free for everyone.
If you have health insurance, it will cover a small administration cost for giving the shots—but if you don’t have insurance, you don’t have to pay that cost.

Here are some important details:

  • These pre-registration sites are for notifications only, not for appointments.
  • You can pre-register for more than one notification. But when your turn comes to receive the vaccine, please sign up for only one appointment.
  • Plan to get your first and second vaccine dose at the same location. After you receive the first shot, they will schedule the second one.

Local Vaccine Locations:
In addition, within the next few weeks, COVID vaccine shots are expected to be available at some CVS locations and some Walgreens locations, as well as other pharmacies. The full list is at

These locations will follow the same Missouri phase guidelines as other healthcare providers, and you must be eligible for the current phase in order to receive the vaccine.

  • Normandy
    Walgreens, 7199 Natural Bridge Road, 63121
  • Beverly Hills
    Beverly Hills Pharmacy, 7150 Natural Bridge Road, 63121
  • Dellwood
    Dellwood Pharmacy, 9944 W. Florissant Ave., 63136
  • Ferguson
    St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley gymnasium, 13400 Pershall Road Road, 63135
  • Ferguson
    Walgreens, 190 N. Florissant Road, 63135
  • Florissant
    Missouri Home Health, 11636 W. Florissant Ave., 63033
  • Bridgeton
    CVS, 12380 St. Charles Rock Road, 63044
  • University City
    Walgreens, 7501 Olive Blvd., 63130