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With rising rents across the region, combined with the ongoing effects of the COVID pandemic, St. Louis County continues to offer rental assistance to address the hardships faced by our community.

Funds are available for past due, current, and future rent and utilities.

This is the second round of federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program funding (ERAP 2). St. Louis County has partnered with a new vendor LiveStories, and the program is now called the St. Louis Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERA). SAFHR and ERAP are now one in the same.

If your ERAP 1 application did not get processed, it will automatically be forwarded to LiveStories. There is nothing for you to do; the new vendor will contact you and/or the property owner if additional information is needed. 

If you have not applied in the past, please check the eligibility requirements. If you qualify for assistance, complete the online application. For help with the application, email FORWARD-support@livestories.com or call 855-582-3973. 

If you already received assistance for your rent during the pandemic, please keep in mind:

  • These funds come from the same pool of assistance through the U.S. Department of Treasury (SAFHR), and the combined total cannot exceed the maximum 12 months.
  • Residents are responsible for tracking total amount received to ensure they comply with the program rules.
  • Residents cannot receive duplicate funds for the same rental period.
  • Your landlord assumes no liability for over-payments. Recaptured funds will be residents’ responsibility and could result in legal action.
  • Residents must notify their Property Manager immediately if the funds received exceed the maximum and/or are for duplicate periods to be returned to the awarding agency.