A new utility and rent assistance program from St. Louis County will start accepting applications soon.

While many Missouri residents can apply for this new assistance as early as Feb. 15, St. Louis County and City residents will have to wait a little longer, because the city and county are receiving their aid directly from the federal government and setting up their own relief programs.

The assistance is part of the Local Emergency Rental Assistance Program, funded directly through the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program that was approved in December 2020.

The state of Missouri also received funding through the federal program, but it is not available to St. Louis County residents EXCEPT for the existing statewide ERAP program for direct relief to landlords for past-due rent.

The upcoming St. Louis County program will cover:

  • Past-due rent and utilities going back to April 2020
  • Up to 3 months of forward rent assistance (for those who do not owe past-due rent)
  • Utility assistance for current invoices

Total assistance any tenant receives is limited to a period of one year.

The Missouri Housing Development Commission website will post more information when the St. Louis County program is ready to open. We will update you on this page as soon as we have more details.