With vaccines now easily available for residents of St. Louis County, both the county and city have announced a “Reopen STL Order,” which significantly eases restrictions on businesses and gatherings.

These are the updated regulations for COVID-19: :

  1. There is no limit on building capacity, as long as a distance of 6 feet between individuals or dining groups is maintained. For example, restaurants are no longer limited by a certain percentage of customers inside, but they still must space out tables or groups of customers.
  2. Masks are still required indoors, but they may be removed in outdoor settings. In accordance with current CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated residents are encouraged to visit the CDC’s website to see where and when they are required to wear a mask.
  3. The midnight curfew for business has been lifted. Businesses no longer have to close before midnight.

This announcement marks the first time during the pandemic that city and county leaders have jointly issued a public health order. “While the responses of the city and county have been similar, they have not always been in sync,” Dr. Page said. “Thousands of people a day toggle between the city and the county to work, attend school, dine out, shop, and worship.”

The county also has issued guidelines for specific business sectors impacted by the pandemic. Under the new order, many of these guidelines have been simplified and some businesses are now advised to consult CDC guidance. Those documents can be found at https://stlcorona.com/dr-pages-messages/covid-19-safe-operating-protocols/.