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Find mass vaccination events for St. Louis County residents each week:

Mass vaccination sites


Find local sites offering individual appointments:

Individual Appointments

New resources for COVID-19 vaccinations are popping up almost daily, and it can be hard to figure out all of the options. Each individual may need to start at a different point, depending on:

  • Your phase and tier in the state’s priority system. (Please note that Missouri is moving to Phase 1B Tier 3 on March 15.)
  • Your healthcare provider.
  • Your comfort level with computers.
  • Your ability to travel outside the St. Louis region.

Local resources

Mass vaccination events sponsored by local organizations are not always included on state and national maps, so 24:1 residents should continue to pre-register through local healthcare providers.

In addition, the Missouri Vaccinator Map lists sites like clinics and pharmacies that are offering individual vaccination appointments.

If you prefer to fill out a paper form to pre-register with a local healthcare provider or pharmacy, please contact your city hall. The 24:1 Municipal Partnership is assisting those who don’t have internet access by providing paper sign-up forms.

Statewide resources

Missouri has set up a website that lists mass vaccination events in the state’s nine regions, including sites that are open to St. Louis County residents.

Each week, the website will highlight the locations, times, and dates of events hosted by the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services and the Missouri National Guard. It also includes sign-up details or says if registrations are full for that site.

St. Louis County and the rest of east-central Missouri are in Region C. Please note that these mass vaccination events may take place outside St. Louis County.

For the best chance of getting a timeslot, visit the site early in the week, as soon as the events are posted.

National resources

The website is a popular resource for finding childhood and travel immunizations. It is in the process of adding COVID-19 vaccination sites to its map.

Limited information for Missouri is available now, with more coming soon.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers information about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines—and invites the public to submit reports of side effects—at

It also tracks the progress of vaccinations across the entire U.S.