With the goal of balancing the economic cost to businesses—especially restaurants—while still keeping COVID-19 cases in check, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page announced updated guidance for businesses, effective Jan. 4.

These health guidelines are now in effect across St. Louis County:

  1. Gatherings are limited to no more than 10 people. Some exceptions apply, and event organizers can contact the Department of Public Health to discuss their specific circumstances.
  2. Business occupancy is 25 percent of capacity. This includes indoor restaurant dining rooms. Employees and customers must comply with social distancing and mask requirements.
  3. All businesses will close to indoor and outdoor customers at 10PM each night. Curbside pickup and delivery may continue past 10PM.
  4. Business will be closed or face other consequences if they do not comply with the county’s rules for the safety of employees and patrons. 
  5. Anyone waiting to hear back about a COVID-19 test is encouraged to quarantine until the test results are known.
  6. Test results from all providers—including urgent care centers—will be rapidly sent to the St. Louis County Health Department.
  7. The “Safer at Home” requirements continue to be in effect. County residents are not to leave their homes except for specific purposes such as work, school, shopping, collecting food, receiving medical care, or visiting members of their social bubble.  

For a full list of “Safer at Home” requirements, please visit the County’s COVID-19 website.

The updated restrictions will be in place indefinitely.
After a decline in late December 2020, COVID-19 cases rose sharply in St. Louis County after the holidays, and public health officials warn that the winter months may see a continued rise.

Masks are still required throughout St. Louis County and City.