With the goal of getting the current spike in COVID-19 cases under control by the time schools open, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page announced seven new guidelines on Monday, July 27.

These health guidelines go into effect across St. Louis County on Friday, July 31, at 5PM:

  1. Gatherings are limited to no more than 50 people. This includes religious services. Any group that had its plan for an event pre-approved will be contacted by the Department of Public Health to discuss their specific circumstances.
  2. Business occupancy will return to 25 percent of capacity, the level it was in June. (It had been raised to 50 percent.)
  3. All bars will close at 10PM each night. Contact tracing indicates that bars are frequent sources of outbreaks.
  4. Business will be closed or face other consequences if they do not comply with the county’s rules for the safety of employees and patrons. The county is putting a process for this in place.
  5. Anyone waiting to hear back about a COVID-19 test is encouraged to quarantine until the test results are known.
  6. Test results from all providers—including urgent care centers—will be rapidly sent to the St. Louis County Health Department.
  7. The county is working to provide teachers with a safe place to quarantine if they are exposed to COVID-19.

The updated restrictions are expected to be in place for four weeks.
Page said the goal is to have some kind of normalcy by the beginning of the school year. Heavily restrictions now, he said, will make schools a safer place this fall.

St. Louis County has had by far the most COVID-19 cases and deaths of any county in Missouri.
The hardest hit areas include the North St. Louis County zipcodes of 63034, 63031, 63138, 63033, 63137, 63044, and 63134 and the 63025 zipcode in South St. Louis County.

Masks are still required throughout St. Louis County and City.