Treesilience Kick-Off Event
Thursday, Dec. 2
6200 block of Reichman Avenue (at Jennings Station Road) in Pine Lawn


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Tree removal and maintenance on private property can be expensive, and until now, it has been hard for residents of the 24:1 Community to find an assistance program to help with the cost.

Treesilience is a new program with four  goals:

  • Removing dead, dying, and hazardous trees on private land.
  • Pruning trees in need of care to maintain canopy health.
  • Restoring the tree canopy by looking at data about environmental and health needs, then focusing on planting new trees in the areas that need them most.
  • Hiring young people for its Canopy Crew and increasing green job training opportunities.

The program uses data about environmental and health needs within the community to focus on areas that can benefit the most from a more resilient tree canopy.

The first Treesilience tree removal project happens on Thursday, Dec. 2, in Pine Lawn.
Local residents and community leaders are welcome to watch the work and learn more about the project from 1:30-3PM. Hear from partners in the project—including Beyond Housing, The Nature Conservancy, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, and Davey Tree Expert Company—at 2PM, with a tree planting ceremony at 2:15PM.

“A healthy urban tree canopy means better air quality for our residents, which reduces rates of asthma. It helps save money on heating and cooling bills. It reduces the heat island effect and makes being outdoors more pleasant in the summer. It makes our neighborhoods safer and more attractive,” said Chris Krehmeyer, President and CEO of Beyond Housing. “All of these benefits are part of a comprehensive approach to strengthening our community.”

For every tree removed from private property, the Treesilience team will plant two new trees. Additional trees for planting on public land are also available through Forest ReLeaf of Missouri.

The Treesilience project runs for the next two years in parts of North St. Louis County and on public land in the City of St. Louis.