Trees in the 24:1 Community are looking better than ever thanks to $77,000+ in grants from the Missouri Department of Conservation! 

The Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance Grant — also known as the TRIM Grant — from the Missouri Department of Conservation works with communities to provide up to $25,000 per municipality to support and improve their urban canopy. Seven 24:1 Community municipalities were awarded funds.

Local areas that received the TRIM grant include Bel-Nor, Velda City, Pine Lawn, Pasadena Park, Northwoods, Vinita Park and Uplands Park. The grants assisted with hazardous tree removal, public tree pruning and other community-focused opportunities. Costs were shared between the Missouri Department of Conservation and individual municipalities for a total investment of $169,330. 

These grants not only helped to improve community safety through hazardous tree removal, but they supported each region’s greenspace — an important factor in residents’ overall health and safety. Communities filled with trees have lower utility costs, better air quality, improved health and lower crime rates. More information is available at

Thank you to the Missouri Department of Conservation for this investment in a greener 24:1 Community!