Tuesday, June 30
12 PM

Zoom Webinar



Missouri made two big changes to its election laws because of COVID-19:

  1. Absentee voting is expanded
  2. Voting by mail is authorized

What does this mean for you? What other changes lie ahead? Will you be safe from COVID if you vote in person?

Find out the answer to these and other questions about Missouri’s important August and November elections during the Zoom webinar “Will I Be Able to Cast My Ballot?” on June 30 at 12PM.

This panel discussion is the first in a series that highlights issues related to voting in Missouri during a health crisis. Panelists include the director of St. Louis County Elections, a voting rights attorney, and the director of the St. Louis City Department of Health.

This series is made possible through the Voter Access and Engagement initiative at the Center for Social Development, part of the Brown School at Washington University, with the support of the Missouri Foundation for Health.