We are a partnership of municipal leaders working collaboratively towards a common vision of neighborly communities, invested families, and successful businesses in the 24:1 Community—the municipalities in the Normandy school district in North St. Louis County.

The 24:1 Municipal Partnership focuses on issues that no single municipality can tackle on its own—including educational improvement and public safety—and works to promote good governance and provide efficient and effective services to all residents.

We have invited the support of local agencies and organizations, including Beyond Housing, a nonprofit community development organization with a holistic model for creating a stronger, more equitable, and prosperous St. Louis.


  • Cost Savings – Municipalities have cut costs and increased efficiency in their services through collective bidding and purchasing on rock salt, fuel, trash collection, and demolition of vacant and derelict homes.
  • Municipal Mergers – The first municipal merger in the history of the St. Louis County Boundary Commission was unanimously approved by voters in the Cities of Vinita Park and Vinita Terrace in November 2016.
  • Court Hubs – 13 municipalities have created and joined two consolidated court hubs to improve efficiency. This initiative was awarded the Improving Public Trust and Confidence Award from the Missouri Supreme Court.
  • Tree Resources – The 24:1 Community Forestry Program was established to maintain and remove trees, catalog the tree canopy in the 24:1 footprint, and educate the public on the benefits of planting trees.
  • Policing and Public Safety – Municipalities have pooled resources to provide quality, efficient, locally controlled and community-based policing. North County Police Cooperative and Normandy Police Departments utilize a community-policing model to engage residents and foster trust between police and residents, especially youth, in the interest of enhanced public safety.
  • Code Standardization – The Codes Count initiative creates a clear process for municipalities to adopt standardized codes to improve enforcement across maintenance, property, and building codes—all in the interest of supporting the health, welfare, and safety of the community. It was made possible via grant funding awarded to Beyond Housing by the Missouri Foundation for Health to assist in updating municipal codes and training code enforcement officials.
  • Education – The leaders of the 24:1 Community have pledged their full support to the children, their families, and the school system itself, with the goal of evolving the Normandy Schools Collaborative into the region’s leader in urban education. The Not Without Us initiative is based on their believe in educational sovereignty that affords local residents the opportunity for consent over school governance and the use of tax dollars.

The work in 24:1 has been nationally recognized by the White House and has been awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Culture of Health Prize.

The 24:1 Municipal Partnership has demonstrated success in developing an innovative collaboration in order to promote good governance and provide efficient and effective services. All consolidations of services, including policing and municipal mergers, were voluntary and self-determined.