Community Impact Network

Members and Resources

The Community Impact Network builds equity by serving those who create opportunities for people in the 24:1 Community to learn, live and leave a legacy.

The Network serves its members by listening to community stakeholders to shape how we serve and what we invest in;  collaborating with others to align around shared objectives, craft solutions, and overcome challenges; and investing financial, strategic, and organizational resources in our priority areas.

The Network’s service focuses in three priority areas:

  • Learning – creating opportunities for people to access quality education throughout their life
  • Living – creating opportunities for people to meet their basic needs, move through the housing continuum, and experience economic mobility
  • Legacy – creating opportunities for people and communities to leave a positive legacy

Our service goes far beyond our commitment to invest financial resources. The Network also acts as a strategic partner for organizations, municipalities and community leaders who serve the 24:1 Community.

For more information on the Community Impact Network, visit their website.

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