In 2018, the inception of Healthy Habits marked another milestone in Brittany Wayne’s entrepreneurial journey. As the founder and owner of this business, Wayne was no stranger to the world of business, having previously launched her first brick-and-mortar venture, Girlfriend’s Closet. Reflecting on her beginnings, Wayne reminisced about her college days in the Fall of 2009 when she first embarked on her entrepreneurial path. It was during a business entrepreneurship course that she was tasked with crafting a comprehensive 40-page business proposal. Little did she know that this project would ignite her determination to bring her ideas to life.

“I vividly remember contemplating the effort I was about to invest in writing an actual proposal. I thought to myself if I’m going to put in all this work, why not seize the opportunity and turn it into a reality,” Brittany recounted. Thus, Girlfriend’s Closet was born. Over the course of nine years, Wayne nurtured and developed her brainchild into a thriving brick-and-mortar entity, accompanied by a flourishing e-commerce platform.

Founder and Owner, Brittany Wayne(right), works alongside a worker at the Carter Commons location.

However, driven by an unyielding spirit of innovation, Wayne eventually set her sights on a new venture—a smoothie and juice bar. Her inspiration for creating Healthy Habits was sparked by a trip to Los Angeles a few years prior, where she was exposed to a multitude of healthy dining options. During that time, Wayne had been supplementing her income by selling Herbalife products alongside her operations at Girlfriend’s Closet. As she personally experienced the transformative effects of these products on her health, losing an impressive 80 pounds, her customers took notice and began inquiring about her secret. This caused Wayne to realize that her community back home in St. Louis lacked the same abundance of nutritious choices she had encountered in LA. Determined to make a difference, she returned to St. Louis with the mission of showcasing a healthier way of life through Healthy Habits.

It was then in 2018 that Wayne’s first location of Healthy Habits, located on Parker Road in Florissant was established and opened. Three years later, Wayne was able to open her second location located in the Carter Commons Food Hall. In alignment with one of her initial guiding reasons, these two locations were strategically placed in predominantly Black communities in her hometown to provide healthy and nutritious options akin to what she saw in LA.

The successful establishment, growth, and sustainability of two brick-and-mortar businesses have proven immensely fulfilling for Wayne. Her influence extends beyond the realm of business, as she finds gratification in mentoring her young employees and making a positive impact on her community. Through Healthy Habits, she strives to continue to provide healthier food alternatives to the predominantly Black communities in St. Louis. Wayne’s dedication to her vision is not only visible but also resonates across various platforms.

“I couldn’t have done this myself either,” Brittany said. “I’m thankful for my staff every day for coming along this journey with me and truly believing in the vision I have. One thing that’s so important to me is hiring good people and building relationships with them. Believe it or not, my store manager, Gwen, who runs the Carter Commons location started as a customer of mine in 2012 when I was first starting Girlfriend’s Closet. I make sure to handpick my employees and each one of them feels divinely placed.”

Looking ahead, Brittany envisions Healthy Habits blossoming into a popular and widespread chain, akin to the likes of Jamba Juice. However, she remains committed to her initial purpose and recognizes the importance of staying connected to her roots in communities of color. The brand’s origins and the drive to bring about positive change continue to shape and guide her direction for the future.