The 24:1 Cinema has a new manager who is eager to work with his team to maximize the cinema’s full potential and bring more people through the doors. The 24:1 Cinema is more than just a movie theater. It is a place for residents to gather for entertainment and community, whether that be a movie, a sporting event, a birthday party, a speaker’s series, or more!

Brian Beedie is the newly hired manager of the 24:1 Cinema and he gives us some insight into why the cinema was made and how it is unique when compared to other cinemas. “This cinema is unique because it’s owned and operated by Beyond Housing whose mission is to strengthen families and transform communities”, which is what makes this cinema extra special in his eyes. Beedie says, “Another thing that makes the 24:1 Cinema unique is it’s a small four-screen cinema, which was built for the residents. The community asked for a form of entertainment and the 24:1 Cinema was created!” Beeedie is now working to configure special ways for the cinema to provide even more offerings to the community. “How else can we utilize this space to its full potential?” Beedie asks.

“Whether that is using the cinema to have birthday parties, school field trips, sporting event watch parties, day trips for church groups, or even nursing homes. We want the cinema to drive more value to the mission of Beyond Housing and to let the community know that we are here to support and strengthen the 24:1.”

Born and raised in Farmington, MO, about an hour outside of St. Louis, Brian Beedie spent his formative years, graduated from Farmington High, and went to earn his associate’s degree from St. Louis Community College. After obtaining his associate’s he went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Missouri St. Louis. Upon graduating and marrying his wife, Beedie relocated to Florida to begin his career in sales and marketing. After honing his skills in Florida, Beedie decided to make the move back home to Missouri. He currently lives in St. Louis with his wife and three children Noah, 7, and his twin girls Amelia and Gloria, 5.

Beedie is so excited to be working at the 24:1 Cinema and working to create a fun space for the 24:1 Community and other surrounding communities as well. He says “The cinema comes to life in the evening! Here at the 24:1 cinema, we are a TEAM. I have a crew of supervisors; May, Aunnesty, and Alexis who have been here for several years. I typically stand in the lobby to greet the moviegoers and answer any questions people may have.” Beedie is focusing on growing the offerings at the 24:1 Cinema including booking more private events and offering other fun community events, like the Big Game Day Party the cinema hosted in February. Beedie is also focused on making sure the cinema is getting movies that appeal to the residents including the big Blockbusters for the year.

Before concluding the interview, we had to ask Beedie some fun movie questions!

Q. Growing up as a child, what was your favorite movie?

A. “When I was young my favorite movie growing up was, Matilda with Danny Divito. I could have picked any Disney movie or action film, especially as a kid I watched so many movies. But I really resonated with Matilda. Matilda had a hard home life growing up but at school, she had a warm and loving teacher, then she was able to use her internal magical powers for good.”

Q. How much popcorn does this cinema go through in a month’s time?

A. “We sell around 150lbs – 200lbs per month. This totals out to a little over one ton of popcorn per year.”

Q. Are there any upcoming movies or events here at the 24:1 Cinema we should be on the lookout for?

A. “Yes! Scream 6 is coming out in March also Dungeons and Dragons will be here in late March as well. We’ve hosted some football and basketball sporting events and we may have more sporting event parties in the future like tennis, boxing, and baseball. This summer we may have a known St. Louis County local film producer and director who will highlight his independent film at our cinema, creating a 3-day film festival. Keep your eyes out for all that good news!”

Q. What are your Top 5 Favorite movie picks of all time?

A. Favorite Romantic Movie? Internal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favorite Sci-Fi movie? Avatar

Favorite Action movie? Pulp Fiction

Favorite Horror or Thriller? Scream 1

Favorite children’s animation movie? Shrek

If you are interested in booking a private event at the 24:1 Cinema, located at 6755 Page Ave. Pagedale, MO. 63133, please contact Brian Beedie at