The 24:1 Master Land Use Plan serves as a guide to help align land uses and economic development opportunities to meet the needs of the 24:1 community while safeguarding resources for future generations. By creating a land use and economic development plan, the power is transferred back to the people and leadership of local municipalities, united under a common vision developed to fully leverage the strengths of the 24:1 in a manner that far exceeds the capacity of any individual municipality.

Five key themes emerged including:

  • Connectivity & Accessibility
  • Strong Commercial Corridors
  • Transit Oriented Development
  • Diversity of Housing
  • Industrial Reinvestment

The 24:1 Municipal Partnership was awarded the East-West Gateway Award for the Master Land Use Plan

4 municipalities have adopted this plan

12 municipalities are in the process of adopting this plan

2 municipalities have their own land use plan