Beyond Housing, in partnership with City of Wellston, North County Police Cooperative, Wellston Coalition and additional community partners is leading a public safety effort to reduce crime in the Wellston community through comprehensive community-led strategies. One strategy includes addressing vacancy, specifically by clearing title for City-owned property in order to prepare the properties for redevelopment.

This Request for Proposal is meant to help find a legal service who can assist with title clearance.

The scope of service includes:

  • Title clearance of 20 properties currently owned by City of Wellston
  • Properties will be identified by City of Wellston and Beyond Housing and addresses will be provided prior to service or included in Appendix, if available

Preferred Experience and Qualification include:

  • Legal qualifications and experience with quiet title and other title clearance activities
  • Familiarity with City of Wellston
  • Experience in community partnerships
  • Ability to complete activities in a timely manner and meet project deadlines

All proposals are due on Monday, March 27th at 5:00p.m. 

Proposals can be sent to Erica Hallman at