The Beyond Housing Community Health Program continues to provide outreach health care for residents of our 24:1 community. We continue to focus on patients with Asthma, Diabetes and this year we expanded to other Chronic Upper Respiratory Diseases. We believe in empowering these individuals with the tools and information needed to stay in control of their health. To assist with these efforts, we have added two Community Health Workers and later replaced the Director of Community Health. Community Health Workers participated in a variety of pieces of training to expand the program to additional chronic conditions. New partnerships have been established to increase our referral base.

These new partnerships include:

  • Aging Answers
  • SSM Health DePaul Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

We are currently working to solidify goals and objectives with Mental Health partners as we continue training to recognize signs and symptoms of our established program clients who may need assistance.