Trees in the 24:1


Tree-filled communities have lower utility costs, better air quality, and less runoff from storms. Residents’ health and well-being are better. Rates of crime are lower. How do we know all this? Through studies like the one that’s happening now in the 24:1 Community.

$120,000 in EPA grant funding over two years

6,472 trees on
24:1 public land

910,000 square feet of leaf surface area

$480,000+ total
yearly eco benefits

The Plan

Beyond Housing is launching 24:1 Project Clear the Air to study the types of trees, their age and condition, species diversity, locations for new plantings, and more. The two-year, $120,000 project will also educate residents on trees’ health benefits.

Interactive Story Map

Zoom in to your neighborhood and engage with interactive maps to learn more about the 24:1 urban tree canopy survey results and how you can get involved.

A new view of our trees

Check out an overview of the 24:1 Tree Canopy Assessment Report that will help inform decisions about the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees within our community.

Thank you to all the 24:1 Clean the Air project partner organizations and communities including our partnering cities of Bellerive, Bel-Nor, Greendale, Pasadena Hills, and Vinita Park.

Roadside trees reduce nearby indoor air pollution by more than 50%

A 10% increase in trees in a neighborhood reduces crime by 12%

Trees can reduce heating costs up to 50%

Tress can cut air conditioning costs by up to 56%

TreeKeepers Training

Join us for a FREE TreeKeepers class designed for 24:1 Community residents who are curious about how to care for the trees in their yards—or who want to plant new trees but aren’t sure where to start.

Free Tree Request Form



The TreeKeeper site tracks info about every tree on public property within the 24:1 Community.