Spanning across municipality lines and interstate highways, weaving through townships and neighborhoods alike, the 24:1 is a melting pot full of rich history, a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, and, in the end, a group of people seeking one common goal: a strong and successful community that they can call home.


A Swahili term that truly encapsulates what it means to be a neighbor in the 24:1 Community. Translated to mean, “I am because we are,” this term perfectly defines the DNA and lifeblood that makes this community what it is.

Carried by this common goal to build and grow, the 24:1 Community’s collective effort has begun what some may call a reconstructive period, a renaissance even.

In 2008, local mayors, officials, and residents within the Normandy school’s footprint began a series of conversations on how to address the many challenges of this Community. From these discussions, the 24:1 Community was born. Chosen by the community, the name represents the 24 municipalities (now 23) within the Normandy school’s footprint united under one vision for neighborly communities, invested families, and successful businesses

This union of 24 municipalities, is a prime example to the St. Louis metropolitan area of what can happen when a driving motive to create change is met with the dedication and hard work of the neighbors to your left and right as well as the mayors and elected officials leading each municipality. In this community, the Normandy Schools Collaborative along with organizations like Beyond Housing and the Community Impact Network have acted as anchoring institutions guiding the progression of the community while also connecting active needs to proper resources.

We are the 24:1.